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Life is not easy for an NPC minding his own quiet family life. In a moment´s notice, raiding party of heroes can barge into your home, pilfer and purloin your life-long savings and children´s college-funds. Not even the most remote locales are safe from their indifferent wantonness and craven ways.

Should they knock on your door at night, what shall you do?

  • Defend against hordes of Heroes with Tower-Defense style in Real-Time Strategy environment
  • Build Your Base and Manage Your Economy to shape your strategy to win
  • Ally with slimes, goblins and chickens to stop looting once and for all!

  • A Story of an NPC who didn't start the fight, but makes sure to end it all
  • Around 50 minutes of Fun yet challenging  Gameplay including first 2 levels and story cutscenes
  • Colorful and challenging sandbox real-time strategy where creativity in execution is rewarded
  • Catchy Custom Soundtrack by the Developer

Development began in beginning of November solely for Indie Game Making Contest 2018 and under 1 month 1-hour of game demo has been made, using, custom music and art assets. (see credits down below)

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NOTE: Game is in Pre Alpha Demo State (many things will change in upcoming updates)

Install instructions

Functional for Windows operating systems. Game is playable even for slower computers.

Download the installer, install the game and you should be ready to play. (uninstaller also included) Game has been tested multiple times, but please let us know in case you find any bugs or game-ending glitches.


Install Dont Loot Back Demo v5.exe 306 MB

Development log


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Hi, this was really fun small demo! Although there is always room for improvements, (an one month does not really any game make) custom pixel assets and music really gave game nice retro feeling . You have certainly put much thought and soul into this! 

Despite some minor bugs I succeeded playing demo through and through, perhaps not using all the tools I was given (never quite used that monster pit after all), but fared okay regardless. Tutorial was also a nice touch, system was quite complex to get around, but held well together considering this being just a demo.

Those additional promised new features and further polish really makes me hope you can realize this game in it´s final, finished state! So good luck with the competition.

And for the plus-side,  game almost makes me feel guilty of all those hours of looting in Skyrim and other RPG:s.

Thank you for the broad well-rounded  feedback and testing the game out!


Great work Elias, its very impressive for just a month's work.

Good luck in the contest!

Hi Veteran Newb, thank you for taking a look of this!

This project gave me a lot of insight how to make rpg maker plugin to do completely different things that it is originally planned for. Whatever happens, I will be releasing this in some way or form. 

Thank you for checking this game out! Feel free to share any thoughts you have here in comments or at our discord group = http://bit.ly/eludiscord